Fall 2020 Registration

General Registration for Fall semester 2020 will start on Monday, April 6 for all eligible currently enrolled students. For your convenience, the Fall semester 2020 General Registration Calendar has been provided below. Please note, if you have a financial hold on your account you may not be eligible to participate in registration, and should contact the Office of Student Accounts for assistance. 

BisonWeb is available for registration from 9AM to midnight each day. Please read the Fall 2020 General Registration Notice for further details on course registration. 





April 6, 2020

Senior (90 or more credits earned)


April 7, 2020

Junior (60 to 89 credits earned)


April 8, 2020

Sophomore (30 to 59 credits earned)


April 9, 2020

Freshman (less than 30 credits earned) & Unclassified


April 10, 2020



Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Read the Student Reference Manual

Before you can view the schedule of courses and register, you must read and agree to the rules and regulations, advising information, divisional class requirements, etc. stated in the Student Reference Manual. Failure to read the manual does not excuse students from the rules and procedures described herein. Personal factors, illness, or contradictory advice from any source are not acceptable grounds for seeking exemption from these rules and procedures.

The University Bulletin includes more detailed registration information. You may also call 202-806-2705 for more information. Registration Information2017-19 HU Bulletin

Step 2: View the Course Listings

If you Agree to the terms and conditions in the Student Reference Manual then View Course Listings. See Also: Archive of Student Reference Manuals & Schedule of Courses

Step 3 : View Course Syllabi

View course syllabi online using the Find a Syllabus search.

Step 4: Classes Approved by an Advisor

See your assigned academic advisor to plan and follow a sound program of study, and for approval of your classes.

Step 5: Enter Your Courses in BisonWeb

After you have registered for your classes, print out your schedule and confirm that all information is accurate.

Step 6: Pay Your Balance

Various payment plans are available for paying your balance. For details, please see the Student Financial Services Web site.


Fall Schedule Types:

  1. Online: All instruction occurs virtually/online utilizing the Learning Management System and other technological tools to enhance teaching & learning. There are no required face-to-face (F2F) components, as 100% of the instruction occurs online. There are instances where some assessments may be proctored with advanced notice to students prior to or at time of course registration. 'OLC' is listed under the course location in BisonWeb and/or 'Online' is listed under the Schedule Type when the highlighted course CRN is selected. . 
  2. HyFlex: The hybrid flexible, or HyFlex, course format combines face-to-face (F2F) and online learning. Each class session and learning activity is offered in-person, synchronously online, and asynchronously online. As such, students have the option to take a class face-to-face or online, based upon their circumstances or choice. Online instruction will be facilitated using Blackboard Collaborate, ECHO 360, or other learning management systems. 'HyFlex' is listed under the Schedule Type in BisonWeb when the highlighted course CRN is selected. 


Academic Advising

All students are highly encouraged to consult with their academic advisor prior to completing course registration. Please access the link below to view information on the school or college to which you have been admitted, as indicated on your letter of acceptance from the Office of Admission or approved intra-university/major change form from the Office of the Registrar. Your academic advisor will be able to inform you on which courses to select and how to register for them. Freshman incoming students are encouraged to view the New Student Orientation website for details on advising and course registration.


Questions or Additional Concerns

If you have questions specifically about your academic program, please contact your advisor for your school or college.