Howard University Statement

On September 24, 1983, the Board of Trustees of Howard University adopted the following policy statement regarding applicants for admission:

"Applicants seeking admission to Howard University are required to submit accurate and complete credentials and accurate and complete information requested by the University. Applicants who fail to do so shall be denied admission. Enrolled students, who as applicants failed to submit accurate and complete credentials or accurate and complete information on their application for admission shall be subject to dismissal when the same is made known regardless of classification."

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Howard University, as a community of scholars, is committed to the elimination of discrimination in education and the provision of equal opportunity in education. In compliance with state and federal laws and regulation, we do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, race, religion sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status in any of our policies, procedures, or practices. This non-discrimination policy covers admission and access to, and treatment, in all programs and activities, including but not limited to, academic admissions, financial aid, educational services and employment.

Admission Fees Refund Policy

Howard University does not refund the $45 application fee nor the $300 enrollment fee.

Program Admission Criteria

Students are accepted in good faith in academic programs on the basis of the certification they provide to meet admissions criteria. If however, the results from the test and assessments procedures upon arrival provide evidence that a student’s actual academic proficiency is significantly different than the one claimed and is lower than the one required for the designated program, then the student will be formally advised of the results and applicable options, if any exist.

A student, either individually or through his/her representative, who has submitted any documents or certification to meet  the admission criteria which is later found to have been falsified may be subject to immediate dismissal from the University.

Deferment Policy

Freshman applicants who have been offered admission to Howard University may request to defer their enrollment for up to one year. All FTIC deferment requests will need to be completed by June 30th of each year. Please note, if the student does not enroll in the subsequent academic year and would like to attend Howard University in the future a new application will need to be submitted by the established deadline for admission consideration.  To complete the deferment process, please send an email indicating your reason for deferment, what you will be doing during the gap period, and your preferred entry term.

All other applicants can only defer for a semester. These deferment requests will need to be completed by July 30th of each year. If the student does not enroll in the subsequent semester a new application will need to be filed for admission consideration.