Domestic and International Applicant

  • Determine Course of Study or Academic Program Interest

  • Check Requirements

    NOTE: Be sure your academic performance and test scores meet admission requirements for your program of choice.

  • Apply

    NOTE: FTIC and undergraduate Transfer applicants may only use the Common Application

  • Submit Required Documents

  • Application Processing

    NOTE: Once your application has been submitted, it will be processed and an admission decision will be made. If there are any missing documents, you may be asked to provide them before an admission decision is officially made.

Offer of Admission

NOTE: If you are accepted, you will be sent an acceptance offer. This offer will be sent via email and forwarded to the mailing address you provided.

Accept your Offer

NOTE: Students confirm their intent to enroll at Howard University by paying the required $300 non-refundable Enrollment Fee. By paying this fee you accept your admittance to Howard University. This is an out-of-pocket student expense that should be paid as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. Student loans or any other financial award money cannot be applied to pay this fee.  This fee must be paid before a student can matriculate at Howard University. Accepted students can pay the $300 enrollment fee here. The steps have been provided below for your convenience:

  1. Enter your Student Identification Number including the ‘@’ symbol; (Ex. @012345678) and PIN (six-digit DOB in the MMDDYY format) in the Students and Staff area.

  2. Select the eDeposits tab at the top of the page.

  3. On the Make Deposit Payments for Term page, select Fall 2016 from the drop-down menu.

  4. Follow the prompts through the payment, print the confirmation page and retain for your records this record.

Prepare for Your Arrival

  • On Campus Housing is Mandatory for all freshmen and sophomores. Please complete the Residence Life Housing Application and submit the form by the established deadline.  For more information on Residence Life please click here

  • All students entering a school or college of the University for the first time or returning after an absence of a semester or more are required to submit a completed Report of Medical History, proof of immunity to vaccine-preventable diseases as required by the District of Columbia Immunization Law, and University Policy, and tuberculosis screening. For a complete list of the medical documentations please click here.