Howard University’s insurance policies may cover certain losses and damage to personal property that was housed in affected buildings impacted by the January, 2018 winter crisis.


Read everything you want to know about filing a Personal Property Loss Claim here.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to read the policy for details. The Howard University Personal Property Loss Reimbursement Policy and the Personal Property Damage and Loss Claim Form provide coverage details and information on how to file a claim. All claims must meet eligibility and filing requirements in accordance with the Policy before any claim is paid. Additionally, claimants must file the Claim Form and attach required documentation within the prescribed time period set forth in the Policy.

The Policy outlines a number of items that are not eligible for reimbursement claims, including:

  • Cash and gift cards
  • Property owned by the University or purchased using University funds, e.g., furnishings typically found in office spaces, including but not limited to, furniture, carpet, flooring, and fixtures 
  • Personal property covered by the claimant’s homeowners or renters insurance policy
  • Personal property lost or damaged as a result of the claimant’s own carelessness, negligence, or recklessness 
  • Personal property not owned by the claimant, e.g., property owned by friends or acquaintances who have no current employment or client relationship with the University
  • Personal property valued at $50 or less, as determined by the University in its sole discretion

Personal Property Loss Claims FAQ's

  1. What is the due date for submitting claims for personal property damaged/lost during the weather-related events occurring on Winter Break?
    • Claims are due on or before April 3, 2018.  [Section V(A)(1) – (2) of the Policy]
  2. The building housing my personal property has been closed, and I do not have access to my property.  How can I file a claim on or before April 3, 2018, when I do not know exactly what was damaged/lost?
    • If the University has restricted access to your damaged/lost property because the building in which it is located has been closed or quarantined, then you will have 60 calendar days from the date access is granted to assess the condition of your property, to submit a claim for reimbursement. [Section V(A)(3) of the Policy]. 
    • At this time, the University has quarantined the following buildings and its contents:  Douglass Hall, Annex I, Annex II, and the Numa Adams Building (East).  The University will notify occupants of those buildings when they may access items retrieved from these buildings, and they will have 60 days from the date of such notification to determine the extent of the damage/loss and submit a claim. 
    • Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA on when the contents of quarantined buildings will be available, and therefore, we cannot estimate the due date for such claims at this time.  However, the University will continue to keep you posted in that regard.
  3. When will quarantined buildings be restored and accessible to the University community?
    • We do not have a definitive answer at this time. However, the University will continue to keep you posted in that regard.
  4. To whom should I submit my claims?
    • If the claim is less than $5,000, then you must submit the completed Claim Form and required documentation to the Office of the Controller at for review and processing.  If the claim is $5,000 or more, then you must submit the completed Claim Form and required documentation directly to the Office of Risk Management at for review and approval.  [Section V(C)(2)-(3) of the Policy]
  5. For claims less than $5,000, the Personal Property Damage/Loss Claim Form requires approval from my department chair/supervisor and dean.  Do I have to obtain their approval and submit the Claim Form to the Office of Controller by the due date?  Or can I submit the Claim Form after the due date, as long as I obtain approval from my department chair/supervisor and dean by the due date?
    • The Office of the Controller must receive your completed Claim Form, which includes approval from your department chair/supervisor and dean, at, on or before the due date.  Failure to submit the completed Claim Form and required documentation may result in reimbursement delays and/or denial.  [Sections V(B) and C(2) of the Policy.
  6. The Policy excludes personal property valued at $50 or less.  Does that mean individual items such as books, journals, etc. valued under $50 are excluded and will not be reimbursed?  ​
    • Not necessarily.   The Policy does not prohibit the submission of aggregated claims for items similar in nature.  For example, a claim for one book worth $35 would be excluded under the Policy.  But, a claim including that book and others worth $50 (or more) in the aggregate may be submitted under the Policy.  [Section IV(B) of the Policy].
  7. The Policy excludes personal property covered by a claimant’s homeowners or renters insurance policy.  Do those policies cover property damaged/lost at work? 
    • It depends on the terms of your individual homeowners or renters insurance policy.  If your homeowners or renters policy covers your personal property regardless of whether it is lost at home or at another location, then the University will not reimburse that property.  Therefore, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible about the extent of your coverage and requirements for submitting claims.  The University cannot make a final decision on reimbursement until we have evidence that your insurance company has denied the claim.  [Section IV(B) of the Policy]
  8. What if I do not have homeowners or renters insurance?  Can I still submit a claim to the University?
    • Yes, if the claimed property is not excluded by another provision of the Policy.  A list of items excluded from the Policy may be found in Section IV(B).
  9. What if I cannot fit all my damaged/lost property on the Claim Form?
    • You may copy as many extra sheets of the Claim Form as necessary to list all of your damaged/lost property.​
  10. If I have any questions about the claims submission process who should I contact?
    • For questions about the submission process, please contact Keonna Carter, Associate General Counsel for University Business Affairs by telephone at 202-806-2655 or email at