Our Annual Charter Day: A Time to Celebrate!

On March 2, 2019 we reached our annual milestone to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of Howard University’s founding. This joyous occasion was a time to commemorate the March 2, 1867 approval of the University Charter by President Andrew Johnson of an institution dedicated to the betterment of humanity. Since our enactment, the University remains grateful for Howardites - collectively and individually - who, through individual example and support of alma mater, exhibit the very spirit that has marked Howard as one of the great successes in American higher education.

The 2019 Charter Day Dinner continued a tradition of honoring the founding of Howard University through a University-wide and community celebration. The annual gala, serving as Howard’s premiere fundraising event, is one of the most important engagements on the University’s annual calendar.

This past year, the proceeds from the dinner directly addressed the need that exists in financial aid for Howard students. Such deserving students require these resources in order to continue their coursework, graduate and make meaningful contributions to our greater society. Your financial support of the University, and in particular this event, is greatly appreciated and will aid us in ensuring that more deserving students can achieve their dreams of obtaining a Howard degree.