A. Central Campus Plan

The University has successfully amended its Central Campus Master Plan to remove key properties from existing campus plan boundaries in order to redevelop them in partnership with private developers. For more information, please visit dcoz.dc.gov. The case number is ZC 11-15F. Following negotiations with community leadership, the University agreed to use its best efforts to provide 50-100 units of affordable housing across properties in its portfolio and to work with the surrounding communities to attract city resources to its immediate neighborhood.


B. A New University Facility in the Shaw Neighborhood

In order to accommodate the redevelopment of the Howard Center, the University received zoning approval to temporarily install a University USC at 1851 9th St. NW. This is the site of the former Maya Angelou Public Charter School. Permission was granted for a period of 10 years. For more information, please visit dcoz.dc.gov. The case number is ZC 11-15E.


C. East Campus Redevelopment

The 23-acre East Campus site, which formerly housed the Howard University School of Divinity, is scheduled to be redeveloped into a living learning campus with current historic structures and open space preserved. The Urban Land Institute studied the site in the spring of 2016, interviewed a host of area stakeholders, and made recommendations to the University regarding the kinds of development that might take place at that location. A master planning team has been selected to work with the University in developing and implementing a plan for the redevelopment of the site.


D. Mary Church Terrell House Redevelopment

The University is in the process of soliciting proposals for the redevelopment of the Mary Church Terrell House, located at 326 "T" Street, NW. The home was willed to Howard University, and has been the site of some modest restoration activity to make the building structurally sound. Early plans for the building included the installation of a museum and cultural center that would preserve the legacy of the Terrell Family and tell the history of the LeDroit Park neighborhood. New plans may include other uses that will make the site self-sustaining.


E. Effingham Apartments Redevelopment

Located at the northeast corner of Georgia Avenue and Fairmont Streets, the long-vacant Effingham Apartments are scheduled for redevelopment as a mixed-use building that will house apartments on upper floors and commercial retail on the ground level.


F. Slowe and Carver Halls' Redevelopment

Formerly used as student residences, Slowe and Carver Halls are being repurposed for use as residences for non-student populations. Zoning Commission approval for these projects was part of ZC Case 11-15F, which became final in May, 2017.