Akouèba Atia Marie-Louise Kponton Quam Dessou is the IT Manager of Bank of Africa Togo since August 2013 and is also the National Vice President of Maritime Region in charge of the coordination of the activities of five local chapters of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Togo. During the past four years, she served as General Secretary in 2010, Vice President in charge of projects and international affairs in 2011, Executive Vice President in charge of the coordination of the whole activities in 2012 and I had the great honor to serve as Chapter President in 2013.
She is committed to helping solve the lack of blood donations used in hospitals. She has worked with the Blood Transfusion Center in order to develop an application that can help remind regular donors of their donation appointment by text messages and calls.
She holds a master’s degree in Management of Informative Systems from the University of Sciences of Fez in Morocco where her studies focused on IT and Management. After completing the Washington Fellowship, she is looking forward to organizing workshops, training sessions and communications for young students to educate them on the basic rules of road safety, blood donation and the advantages of citizenship in thier communities.