Coupled with our mission to provide an educational experience of exceptional quality and our commitment to produce distinguished global leaders, we are embarking on a forward trajectory that positions Howard University as a model of excellence in academics and operations. “Howard Forward 2024” articulates attainable aspirations for a more sustainable future and outlines five over-arching priorities that we are uniquely positioned to address.

Wayne A. I. Frederick M.D., MBA
President, Howard University

Strategic Pillars

Enhance Academic Excellence
We will enhance academic excellence by supporting faculty, research and student development, academic rigor and retention through strategic recruitment and continuous improvement of academic programs.
Serve The Community
We will serve our diverse community with high impact outreach and collaborative partnerships across divisions and beyond campus borders, while cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity, wellness and civility.
Inspire New Knowledge
We will reward innovation in instruction, research, entrepreneurship, collaboration and capacity building that maximizes our impact, and challenges, enlightens and inspires our faculty and students to change the world.
Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness
We will improve efficiency and effectiveness with investments in upgraded technology and systems to promote process automation and strategic incentive programing for customer satisfaction metrics, while consistently delivering the highest quality ...
Achieve Financial Sustainability
We will achieve financial sustainability through revenue diversification, process optimization, asset management, fundraising and investment in high return business opportunities, communicating in transparency and operating with accountability, all...

Howard Forward News

September 29, 2020 • Press Release

Howard University Appoints Rashad Young as SVP and Chief Strategy Officer

Howard University today announced the appointment of Rashad Young as the new Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, effective October 12, 2020. In this role he will oversee the implementation of the University’s strategic plan: Howard Forward. He will also provide oversight on External Affairs as it relates to the federal government and on Real Estate as it pertains to our non-core assets.