Strategic Priority 1

We will enhance academic excellence by supporting faculty, research and student development, academic rigor and retention through strategic recruitment and continuous improvement of academic programs.

Goal 1

Enhance Student Success through Transformation and Innovation in Teaching & Learning, enhanced by the use of technology.


Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Student Success

  • By 2019, conduct and complete academic prioritization and reorganization to realign academic offerings with national and global priorities, so that at least 70% of programs are in areas of demand, and result in our students having the skills and mindsets needed to be competitive in the workforce of the future.
  • Promote the development and integration of strategic and effective distance learning options, to 20% of course offerings being offered online.


Student Success


Recruitment, Retention and Access to Education

  • Incorporate data analytics and artificial intelligence to target and matriculate a diverse mix of high potential undergraduate, graduate and professional student body, to achieve and maintain a 1st year retention rate of 95% and above.
  • Develop and implement an innovative strategy for increasing need- and merit-based funding to increase access, and ensure a Howard University education is affordable for all students, in turn progressively decreasing the drop-out rate due to financial hardship, to zero.
  • Promote and champion University policy changes, financial and academic programs and strategies that drive student success, to propel the University towards a top 50 ranking in U.S. News and World Report.
  • Introduce academic support programs that improve student success, to increase four- and six-year graduation rates to 70% and 80%, or above, respectively, with special focus on sub-group performance in addition to overall attainment.


Enhance Academic Excellence


Howard Forward Success – Increased Ranking​

Professional Development

  • Provide additional educational development opportunities for faculty to increase rigor and quality of instruction that emphasizes retention through active learning and student engagement.
  • Devise and implement a new faculty and staff development plan to promote professional advancement and specialized skills training for university personnel.

Technology that Supports 21st Century Academy

  • Invest in state-of-the-art, sliding-edge technology across all programs, to result in at least 40% of the classrooms campus-wide being equipped with technology needed to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. 
  • Create new and innovative physical and virtual learning spaces with enhanced technology to support the research enterprise, and exceed standards for sustainability and environmental stewardship.


eLearning, Online Instruction & Technology for 21st Century