Strategic Priority 4

We will improve efficiency and effectiveness with investments in upgraded technology and systems to promote process automation and strategic incentive programing for customer satisfaction metrics, while consistently delivering the highest quality products and services.

Goal 4

Operate efficiently and effectively across all levels of the organization.


Operational Excellence & Compliance

  • Overhaul the enterprise resource planning system to streamline key processes and procedures, reducing the time to completion of key processes by 30%.
  • Regularly review the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative, operational and academic processes to ensure compliance with regulatory and governing agencies.


Campus Footprint and Sustainability

  • Reduce the campus’ carbon footprint and energy use by 20%.
  • Prioritize campus masterplan and align renovations and new construction with academic and research priorities.

Customer Service and Engagement

  • Conduct campus-wide customer service training to improve the customer service experience for our students, employees and external customers.
  •  Engage the campus community to collaborate and share new ideas, methods and processes to increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce costs and manage the assets of the University towards a sustainable future.