Strategic Planning: Approaching Social Media

Howard University encourages responsible and respectful online activity and maintains a commitment to academic freedom on social media platforms.

If any social media account for any entity of the University is created after June 1, 2015, it must be approved by the department, unit or organization leader and then by the Office of University Communications, in order to be officially listed on the University’s directory.

New social media accounts should take into consideration the following seven (7) guidelines before creation, operation and dissemination:

  • Purpose - What is the objective for creating the account?
  • Content - Will there be enough content to consistently populate the platform?
  • Audience - Is there an identifiable audience?
  • Need - Is there a need for social/digital communication in this particular space, immediate or otherwise?
  • Collaboration - Is there an existing University account that makes collaboration possible?
  • Maintenance - Is there a University staff member or University social ambassador to operate the account?
  • Evaluation - How will this account be measured for success?

* The answers should determine if an account should be created and if an account is needed.

Social Media Directory Listings: Official Procedure

The Howard University Social Media Directory is the official listing of the University’s social media presences on campus. The University’s social media presence continues to grow both within and across new and evolving platforms.

If you are operating an account or wish to create an account on a platform where the University does not have an official social presence and would like the account listed on the University’s official directory, please contact with your request.

However, across the five (5) platforms where the University currently occupies a presence—in order to be listed—a unit, department, organization or entity, should meet all of the following criteria:

  • Part of our community? - Follow/Like the official Howard University presence on the respective platform: (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Linkedin)
  • Have an audience? - Have more than 75 fans/followers.
  • Have a complete picture? - Contain relevant, appropriate, detailed profile information and photos.
  • Have consistent content to share? - Provide up-to-date, engaging and University-related content.
  • Have University connections? - Include official link to the respective web page or University-page presence.
  • Related to the University? - Identify a clear relationship between the presence of the account and the University.
  • Have the necessary maintenance and staffing resources? - Have a social media ambassador or official University administrator for the account.
  • Greenlit? - Have approval by the department, unit or organization leader/administrator to create the social account.
  • On brand? - Meet the appropriate and correct branding as detailed by the University’s

    branding guidelines