Periodic Review for Middle States Association

Through the 2015 Periodic Review Report (PRR) Howard University is dedicated to providing information to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education about developments at the University since it’s accreditation was affirmed in 2009. This mid-point review serves as a retrospective, current and prospective analytical overview of the University's status and how it has advanced five years since its last Middle States Visit.  The construction of the report utilized thorough institutional data, analysis and assessment material provided from various institutional offices and departments across campus.  To construct the Periodic Review Report, Howard established a Leadership Committee comprised of twenty-nine representative members of the university community. The Leadership Committee consisted of nine teams each charged with specific tasks to ensure precise and compliant completion of the PRR to meet Middle States requirements. For more than a year, members of the Leadership Committee convened to collectively assess and address the 2009 Self-Study Recommendations. Several drafts of the PRR were shared within the Committee for repetitious feedback and discussion. The Periodic Review Report is now being shared with the HU community and published on this website for response.


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