Team Leaders and Resource Team
Leadership Team (The team leaders of the teams listed below):        
Lorraine Fleming (Chair)
Omari Swinton, Department of Economics
Alice Bullock, Law School
Jill McGowan, Department of Mathematics
Mary Hill, Provost Office
Garnett Henley, Dentistry
Rodney Green, Department of Economics
Regina Drake, Provost Office
Team 1: Planning, Resources, Institutional Improvement, Enrollment/Finance Data and Budgets
Omari Swinton (Lead), Department of Economics
Kimberly Freeman, Dept. of Human Development & Psychoeducational Studies
Andre Powell, VP-Academic Finance
Samuel Paschall, School of Business
Team 2:  Ethics, Integrity, Governance, Leadership, and Administration
Alice Bullock (Lead), Law School
Alton Pollard, School of Divinity
Carolyn Stroman, School of Communication
Almaz Zewde, Department of African Studies
Team 3: Mission & Goals, Faculty
Jill McGowan (Lead), Department of Mathematics
Melanie Carter, Provost Office
Helen Bond, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Team 4: Learning Opportunities and Support of Student Experience
Mary Hill (Lead), Provost Office
Derek Kindle, Director-Financial Aid
Yuvay Meyers, School of Business-Marketing
Eleanor King, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Kevin Peterman, Student
Team 5: Institutional and Learning Assessment
Garnett Henley (Lead), School of Dentistry
Veronica Thomas, Dept. of Human Development & Psychoeducational Studies
Altaf Husain, School of Social Work
Chris Hobson, Government Affairs
Team 6: Research and Special Emphasis
Rodney Green (Lead), Department of Economics
Claudia Marin, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Terri Adams-Fuller, Sociology and Anthropology
Resource Team:
Regina Drake, Provost Office
Carol McKinnon, President’s Office
Gerunda Hughes, Institutional Assessment
Anita English, Office of Secretary
Dana Hector, Grants and Contracts
Academic Renewal Review Team: (Evaluate current relevance of PCAR recommendations & status)
Lorraine Fleming, College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences
Mary Hill, Provost Office
Kimberly Freeman Dept. of Human Development & Psychoeducational Studies
Altaf Husain, School of Social Work
Jill McGowan, Department of Mathematics