Wednesday, December 5, 2018Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Deadline for instructors to submit final grades via BisonWeb is five calendar days after the scheduled final examinations.

Class Meeting Time Exam Date Exam Time
MWF 8:10am Wed, Dec 5th 8-10am
MWF 9:10am Wed, Dec 5th 11am-1pm
MWF 10:10am Wed, Dec 5th 2-4pm
MWF 11:10am Wed, Dec 5th 5-7pm
MWF 12:10pm Fri, Dec 7th 8-10am
MWF 1:10pm Fri, Dec 7th 11am-1pm
MWF 2:10pm Fri, Dec 7th 2-4pm
MWF 3:10pm Fri, Dec 7th 5-7pm
MWF 4:10pm Mon, Dec 10th 8-10am
MWF 5:10pm Mon, Dec 10th 11am-1pm
MWF 6:10pm Mon, Dec 10th 2-4pm
MWF 7:10pm Mon, Dec 10th 5-7pm
TR 8:10am Thurs, Dec 6th 8-10am
TR 9:40am Thurs, Dec 6th 11am-1pm
TR 11:10am Thurs, Dec 6th 2-4pm
TR 12:40pm Thurs, Dec 6th 5-7pm
TR 2:10pm Thurs, Dec 11th 8-10am
TR 3:40pm Thurs, Dec 11th 11am-1pm
TR 5:10pm Thurs, Dec 11th 2-4pm
TR 6:40pm Thurs, Dec 11th 5-7pm
TR 7:10pm Thurs, Dec 11th 5-7pm


Note: For those classes that meet once weekly or at a time not shown above, the instructor should schedule, in consultation with the student(s) involved, the final exam (if any) with their department chair to arrange for an examination room.