In fall 2015, the Office of Faculty Development was established in the Office of the Provost as a way to improve the coordination of faculty development activities across all of the Schools and  Colleges as well as to initiate programs and activities to support faculty in their multiple responsibilities of teaching, research, publishing, and service.  The Office of Faculty Development will also provide guidance with career advancement and leadership development.  

A University wide Faculty Development Leads Committee was established to 1) ensure that there is regular input from faculty on University sponsored faculty development initiatives; 2) encourage collaboration across Schools and Colleges; 3) develop mentoring programs; and 4) maintain an accurate and current listing of all faculty development activities occurring in Schools and Colleges on the Faculty Development Web site. The Faculty Development Leads committee is composed of faculty representatives from 12 Schools and Colleges, the Office of Human Resources, CETLA, the Faculty Senate, University Libraries, and the Office of Research.  

Membership Roster 


Okianer Christian Dark
Associate Provost for Faculty Development
Professor of Law

School of Business

  • Dr. Sandip Mukherji
  • Professor Alice Thomas (Interim Director)
College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Rebecca Reviere
  • Dr. Denise Hart
School of Communications
  • Dr. Wilhelmina Wright-Harp
College of Dentistry
  • Dr. Iris J.  Morton
School of Divinity
  • Dr. Gay L. Byron
School of Education
  • Dr. Kimberly Edelin Freeman
College of Engineering, Architecture & Computer Science
  • Dr. Sonya Smith
Faculty Senate
  • Dr. Leslie M. Lawrence
School of Law
  • Professor Andrew Gavil
Howard University Libraries
  • Ms. Alliah Humber
College of Medicine
  • Dr. Swati Jain-Goel
College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
  • Dr. Chimene  Castor
School of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Oluwaranti Akiyode
Professional Development & Leadership Academy
  • Mr. Wayne Wright
Office of Research
  • Ms. Nicole Retland
School of Social Work
  • Dr. Janice Edwards