Maryse Djimasse-Mobe

Term Year


Country Of Origin

Central African Republic


Drawing on over four years’ employment experience in public relation with various organizations, NGOs, and private companies, Maryse Djimasse-Mobe is currently the executive manager for a recruitment agency in which she trains young people and helps them to find jobs. She is also the public relations officer for the youth socialist party in Central African Republic, the official political party, which she belongs to. She works hard to make people, especially young women, get involved in politics, and choose leaders based on their leadership capabilities, and not because of their ethnicity. She makes people understand that their vote counts in the development of the nation. She is the co-founder of an NGO named ISCA, an organization which supports women’s initiatives. Maryse holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Reims University. Upon completion of the Fellowship, she plans to continue her career empowering women’s leadership in the Central African Republic.