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Mary Watson has been a practicing educator and humanitarian volunteer for the past seven years, who believes in educating, empowering and influencing young people positively to be changemakers in society. Mary is currently the projects officer for Implementers, a multi-sectorial development-management organization, writing literacy content and training teachers for ZE-LEAP, a USAID-funded project to accelerate literacy in Zongo communities.   Mary also creates and designs girls’ empowerment content for the life-skills section of the ASANKA, an electronic educational content-release device through diverse formats like scenario-based games, documents, and interactive quizzes. She’s a feature writer for Parrot Media’s Young and Junior Parrot, a magazine for high schools meant to revive a reading culture in the youth. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Mary intends to run a supply-teaching agency and work on introducing the Montessori teaching model to schools in rural Ghana.