Emmanuel Chisalu

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Emmanuel Chisalu has three years of community development sector experience and two years of experience in the public sector specifically focusing on Value for Money Audits. Currently, Emmanuel is a Performance and Environmental Auditor at the Supreme Audit Institution of Zambia, Office of the Auditor General. He focuses on promoting accountability, good governance, and transparency by conducting performance and environmental audits so as to assist those charged with governance and oversight responsibilities improve institutional performance and governance of public resources. Emmanuel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Copperbelt University where he focused on Public Finance and Economics and a professional qualification in Performance Auditing from African Organizations of Supreme Audit Institutions. Emmanuel is driven by his commitment to ensuring that the public sector is fully transformed into an effective and efficient system through the Auditor General’s Value for Money Audits and he hopes that one day, government will be a source of inspiration and not degradation. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Emmanuel plans to critically engage himself and participate fully in democratic governance to foster accountability, good governance and transparency, which will enable him to contribute greatly towards making Zambia a great nation.