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Yuvenalis Ogendi has over three years' experience in legal and policy research. Currently, Yuvenalis is pursuing a post-graduate diploma in Law for admission to the Bar and sits on the Taskforce on Access for Persons Living with a Disability, aimed at creating a universal design policy in higher education institutions. He is also actively examining whether the legal and institutional policy frameworks in Kenya are sufficient and practical enough to get the country past the resource curse from a human rights-based approach. Yuvenalis has previously volunteered with Action for Children in Conflict and worked with Sichangi Partners Advocates. Yuvenalis holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honors) degree from Kenyatta University and a certificate in Structural Transformation of Africa from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, hosted by the University of Ghana. He is committed to the improvement of quality of life, especially as it relates to the poor, the marginalized, women and children, through quality legal and policy research. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Yuvenalis plans on enhancing capacity for quality legal research and policy analysis for the attainment of national development goals.