Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dear Howard University Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Friends:

The recent Charter Day Convocation and Sesquicentennial celebratory events were monumental milestones for our community; a time to celebrate, reflect and look to our future. The occasion called for highlighting Howard’s distinctive legacy of academic excellence and the many contributions we’ve made to society since our founding. We honored the leadership role we have played and continue to exercise in advancing myriad issues impacting the African Diaspora. Importantly, we experienced unprecedented fundraising success. This year’s Charter Day Dinner raised double the amount of revenues from last year’s fundraiser event and brought in a recordbreaking $1 million in net proceeds to aid students in need. Howard University is on an upward trajectory and our future is very promising. It’s clear that President Frederick, in close collaboration with the Board of Trustees, is executing a bold vision to drive growth, success, and chart a positive path forward for the next 150 years. We are unequivocally and wholeheartedly in support of our President, his vision and applaud his extraordinary leadership of Howard University.

The 2017 strategic plan, currently being developed by faculty, staff, and students under Dr. Frederick’s leadership, will outline the vision and objectives for the future. This focus and goalsetting is the precision needed to advance us forward as a research leader and major comprehensive metropolitan research university. The Board supports this strategic planning process and looks forward to the initiatives that will be implemented to reach these visionary goals.

Many of President Frederick’s accomplishments are already steadily moving the university forward, including efforts to revitalize academic offerings and develop support programs that aid students in pursuing internationally competitive scholarships. Recently, a Howard University student was selected as a recipient of the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, a direct result of these efforts. Enrollment management strategies are continuously being evaluated, resulting in an overall increase in the academic credentials of students while also adhering to our mission and values. We are seeing an emphasis on the modernization of buildings on campus, a key element to attracting top talent and nurturing student achievement. Efforts to leverage real-estate and other underutilized university assets are a priority. This emphasis on academic excellence and modernization affirms our strong reputation and is in keeping with Howard tradition of educating the next generation of leaders.

The University continues to successfully navigate challenging financial circumstances. Under Dr. Frederick’s leadership Howard’s finances have been stabilized and a culture of accountability is being championed. Howard University Hospital is no longer recording a loss, but is profitable for the first time in recent years. Efforts across the enterprise have been made to increase resourcefulness, streamline and strengthen operations, and ultimately steady our financial outlook. This is no small task, and a testimony to the President and the leadership team he has put in place.

The visibility and reputation of the university is also on the rise. Howard University continues its position as a leading institution, with President Frederick serving as a thought leader on issues impacting HBCUs and higher education. He touts Howard’s many successes at conferences and speaking engagements nationally and abroad. Telling our story is key to promoting our reputation and highlighting our collective success.

In closing, a great deal has already been accomplished in a short timeframe under Dr. Frederick’s leadership. With a hopeful eye to the future, we are enthusiastic about his leadership and look forward to continuing our partnership in service to Howard University. The future holds endless possibilities.

Excellence in Truth and Service,
Stacey Mobley, Chair, on behalf and with the concurrence of the full Howard University Board of Trustees including general, faculty, student and alumni Trustees.