Monday, October 2, 2017

Dear Howard University Community:
On behalf of the entire Howard University family, I wish to extend our deepest condolences and prayers to the victims, survivors, and their families of last night’s tragic event in Las Vegas. Especially those within our Howard University community who have been affected directly and indirectly.
Words cannot adequately convey the empathy, grief, and dismay that we must share as a nation, and global community, for the senseless acts of violence that have been perpetuated on innocent people. While our nation, once again, faces unsettling times it is our responsibility to seek to determine why these atrocities continue to occur and work toward solutions to prevent them.
I challenge the Howard University community and our nation to re-examine our stance for truth and right and identify the steps that we can take together in order to make our communities safer places to live. As caring, rational, and compassionate members of society, we have a moral obligation to care for one another.
The senseless shootings at Mandalay Bay unfortunately may not be the last such atrocity in my lifetime—or yours. However, as a nation and academic community of varying, faiths, ethnicities, ages, and origins we have the power to transform our empathy, grief, and dismay into respectful, thoughtful, and engaging dialogue and action-driven solutions in order to better our communities for many generations to come.
Student Support Resources
The Office of Student Support Services is available to any student member of the campus community and provides a variety of confidential services. Students are encouraged to coordinate any support services, including counseling, needs through Dean Elaine Bourne Heath. Dean Heath can be reached via phone or email at 202- 238-2420,
How can I get involved?

  • Email the Office of the Dean of the Chapel at or (202) 806-7280 and indicate your desire to assist as a donor or volunteer. You will be contacted as needs arise.
  • Community members with resources or connections in the affected areas are also asked to contact the Chapel office.

Excellence in Truth and Service,
Wayne A. I. Frederick, M.D., MBA