Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dear Howard University Community:
During yesterday’s Full Faculty Senate meeting, I had the opportunity to address the group and provide answers to pressing questions on an array of topics. We engaged in thought-provoking and solution-driven dialogue on topics such as emergency response plans, faculty and student research, faculty development, finances, academic prioritization, strategic planning and mechanisms for driving Howard University forward.
At the conclusion of the meeting, I took the opportunity to highlight faculty accomplishments,
and, with excitement, awarded Professor Harrell from the Department of Psychology with a Presidential Citation.
Professor C. Jules Harrell, Ph.D., has been a member of the Howard community since 1980, yet each day that I engage with him, he exhibits the excitement and passion of a new hire. His positive influence, commitment to research, leadership and mentorship are inspiring. I am proud to share this presidential citation, which reads as follows:
WHEREAS, Dr. Harrell has, since 1988, served as Professor of Psychology in the Howard University College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology Department;
WHEREAS, Dr. Harrell has provided distinguished leadership as both an undergraduate and graduate professor at Howard University;
WHEREAS, Dr. Harrell has risen in the academic ranks through teaching appointments at Howard University (1980-present) and Virginia State University (1976-1980); 
WHEREAS, Dr. Harrell has conducted extensive research on the topics of general psychology, clinical psychology, personality theories, psychophysiology, psychology of racism, psychometrics, personality research and personality assessment;
WHEREAS, Dr. Harrell has been a substantial participant, researcher and leader in the field of psychology. He is the author of the book Manichean Psychology: Racism and the Minds of People of African Descent. Along with his graduate students, he has published articles related to physiological process and psychological variables in the Journal of Black Psychology, the American Journal of Public Health, Psychological Bulletin, Biological Psychology, Ethnicity and Disease, the Journal of Psychophysiology, and the International Journal of Psychophysiology, and;
WHEREAS, according to Dr. Harrell, mentorship is “teaching with genuine love.” He believes the love must be non-possessive and coupled with a “deep concern with [student] growth.”  
IN RECOGNITION of Dr. Harrell’s vital research, service to the field of psychology, and his dedication to the education of promising undergraduate and graduate students, at Howard University;
NOW, THEREFORE Howard University praises and commends Dr. C. Jules Harrell for his distinguished career and his contributions to the Department of Psychology, Howard University, and the field of psychology.

Thank you, Dr. Harrell and our wonderful faculty for your dedication.
Excellence in Truth and Service,
Wayne A. I. Frederick, M.D., MBA