Candi N. Smiley, Esq. - Title IX CoordinatorHoward University is an influential institution that is built on the pillars of truth and service. We have survived and thrived because of our unwavering commitment to our fellow Bison and our global community.

There is a widespread crisis surrounding sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence, gender-based discrimination and, most alarming, sexual assault.  Unfortunately, Howard University is not immune.

As the University’s Title IX coordinator, I am responsible for overseeing the University’s Title IX program to respond and provide support in the face of these forms of misconduct.  Many of you know that I am responsible for supervising the University’s investigation and resolution of Title IX complaints.  Equally as important, I coordinate and facilitate training and educational opportunities for all members of the campus community to become better informed about these issues, and direct individuals who are impacted by misconduct to the support and resources that are available from the University and the outside community. 

Title IX education and support at Howard University is implemented and performed by a team of individuals who are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe educational environment where members of our University community may grow and evolve into their best selves despite any obstacles. This team is made up of the Title IX Office, Howard University Counseling Center, Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program, Student Health Center and the Office of Student Services.

Howard University will continue to fairly and diligently respond to all allegations and provide assistance and support to all members of the University community until the day that all forms of sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence and discrimination are eradicated.


Excellence in Truth and Service,

Candi N. Smiley, Esq.

Title IX Coordinator