Dear Howard University Community,
You should have received a communication dated February 9, 2018, from Provost Wutoh and Chief Operations Officer Dubroy, updating you on the status of University buildings affected by the winter weather crisis.  We are aware that faculty, students, and staff incurred loss and/or damage to personal property housed in affected buildings.

As we have previously indicated, the University’s insurance policies may cover certain losses and damage to personal property.  To determine eligibility to make a claim, please review the Howard University Personal Property Loss Reimbursement Policy and complete the Personal Property Damage/Loss Claim Form. You can also find information about filing a damages claim here.
All claims must meet eligibility and filing requirements in accordance with the Policy before any claim is paid.  Additionally, claimants must file the Claim Form and attach required documentation within the prescribed time period set forth in the Policy.  Please note that the date of this letter serves as notice under Section V(A) of the Policy.  Therefore, the claimant must submit the Claim Form and documentation to the designated University official identified in Section V(C) of the Policy on or before April 3, 2018.  Please read the Policy, as there are exceptions to this deadline.  The claimant’s failure to submit completed forms and documentation may result in reimbursement delays and/or denial.

As the Policy outlines, a number of items are not eligible for reimbursement claims, including:

  • Cash and gift cards
  • Property owned by the University or purchased using University funds, e.g., furnishings typically found in office spaces, including but not limited to, furniture, carpet, flooring, and fixtures  
  • Personal property covered by the claimant’s homeowners or renters insurance policy
  • Personal property lost or damaged as a result of the claimant’s own carelessness, negligence, or recklessness
  • Personal property not owned by the claimant, e.g., property owned by friends or acquaintances who have no current employment or client relationship with the University
  • Personal property valued at $50 or less, as determined by the University in its sole discretion

Please note that the foregoing list is not exhaustive.  Rather, it is merely a guide for identifying personal property that is not eligible for reimbursement.  Appropriately and timely filed claims will be processed and reasonably reimbursed within sixty (60) to ninety (90) calendar days following the University’s receipt of the completed Claim Form and required documentation, subject to extension caused by a pending homeowners or renters insurance determination. 

Should you have any questions about the Policy, the Claim Form, or the process for claim submission, please contact Keonna Carter, Associate General Counsel for Business Affairs, by email at or by telephone at 202-806-2655.  Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.
In Truth and Service,
Michael J. Masch
Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Thursday, February 22, 2018