Hlaganani Gumbi

Hlanganani Gumbi has eight years’ experience in politics and is currently a member of the provincial legislature in KwaZulu-Natal. He is spokesperson for Human Settlements and Sports and Recreation and is a former-elected city councilor in the eThekwini Municipality where he was also the Human Settlements Spokesperson and had a short time in the Economic Development Portfolio Committee. Hlanganani has worked extensively in various communication roles in the Democratic Alliance, the official political party to which he belongs, which is the official opposition.

South Africa

Naomi Ferguson

Naomi Ferguson has been a doctor for the Seychelles Ministry of Health since April 2012. At home she is better known as Dr. Naomi Adeline and is currently working in community health centers, including the Youth Health Centre, where she provides primary health services. Outside work hours, she is involved in activities relating to increasing the health literacy of the Seychelles community. Her hobbies include snorkeling and scuba diving.


Maji Debena

Maji Hailemariam is a social work and mental health professional with over five years’ experience working with different academic and research institutions. Her major areas of interest include mental health, poverty, migration, food security, and gender. As an educator and researcher, she is working with Hawassa University in Ethiopia and currently pursuing her PhD in Mental Health Epidemiology. Her doctoral dissertation combines an intervention and research on understanding barriers to equitable access to mental health care.


Mary Ashinyo

Mary Eyram Ashinyo works with the Ghana Health Service as a sub district leader, member of the regional health quality improvement team, regional focal person for accidents and emergency services, executive member of the Ghana Medical Association, Volta Division, and as a medical superintendent in the Volta Region. As the leader, she's transformed a previously stigmatized leprosarium to a polyclinic which was rated the second best health facility in the entire Volta Region (2014) in terms of client care, and the best sub-district facility in her region.


Riveraldo Adolfo

Riveraldo Adolfo has over five years’ experience in public management issues, specifically regarding the guarantee of good governance and fundamental rights of citizens. Currently, Riveraldo is an advisor of the Deputy Ombudsman of Angola and is dedicated to conflict resolution involving citizens against public bodies. He is also participating in the implementation of an education program for a culture of human rights and good governance.


Gay Lebohang Mokwena

Gay Mokwena has over eight years of professional work experience in the non- governmental research sector. She served as a Policy Researcher for the Centre for Policy Studies and as a State Bureaucrat in the role of Director of Youth Development Programs in the National Department of Higher Education and Training in Pretoria, South Africa. In the Department of Higher Education and Training, she oversees the implementation of students support services in technical and vocational education and  training colleges.

South Africa

Tsion Teferra Zeleke

Tsion Teferra Zeleke has seven years of experience serving as a development practitioner. Her work has focused on providing services in strategic development and management, result based program implementation and management, partners appraisal and management, and promotion of community and children participation. She is currently serving as the Director of Child Protection for Save the Children Ethiopia. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing the in-country child protection program and performing advocacy work to positively influence policies.


Belinda Wera

Belinda Wera has over three years of experience working in public relations and marketing with a key focus on regional integration in East Africa. Currently, Belinda is a Program Assistant in the Corporate Communication and Public Affairs department in the East African Community where she ensures that programs, projects, and activities run smoothly so that the people of East Africa are informed about the integration.


Fatoumata Sylla

Fatoumata Sylla currently serves as Director General in the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles. She previously worked for the Department of Youth serving as the Senior Policy Analyst and later as the Director General of Youth Affairs. In this capacity, she made recommendations to the government on issues related to youth development, implemented youth programs in line with national policies, and fostered relationships with international youth bodies. Fatoumata firmly believes in youth empowerment and the power of leading by example.