Computer and Network Systems Use


The Howard University computer and network infrastructure enriches the teaching, learning and research environment by providing students, faculty and staff convenient access to services such as:

  • Electronic mail for communicating with other members of the University community, as well as with friends, relatives, colleagues and other correspondents throughout the world.

  • On-line library catalogs, electronic journals, databases, and other sources of electronic information available through Internet.

Institutional Refund/Repayment Policy

In accordance with University policy and Federal regulations governing Title IV financial aid programs, the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment will determine whether total or partial refund/repayment of financial aid funds may be due when a student withdraws from the University or when there is a change in the student’s financial aid eligibility. This policy does not apply to instances where a student withdraws from some classes but continues to be enrolled at the University. 

Office of the President: Respecting the Life and Legacy of Aretha Franklin

2018-08-31 00:00:00

Dear Howard University Community,
I wish to express my deep condolences on the passing of iconic artist and activist, Aretha Franklin. The 76-year legacy of the “Queen of Soul” is being celebrated today in her beloved hometown of Detroit, MI, yet her memory and music continue to live. 
She was far more than simply an entertainer and used her platform at the height of the Civil Rights Movement to advocate for equal rights and respect for women. 

Consequence of Drug Conviction

Consequences of Drug Convictions on Ability to Receive Federal Aid

Consistent with the requirements of the federal Higher Education Opportunity Act, the following is a summary of the consequences of drug convictions on your ability to receive federal financial aid.  Students who are convicted under any state or federal law for possessing or selling illegal drugs while they are receiving a federal grant, loan, or a work study award will not be eligible to receive the aid for the following time periods, starting from the date of conviction:

Financial Aid Study Abroad

Students participating in Howard University sponsored or approved programs may use their financial assistance to pay for HU Tuition charges, study abroad program fees and living expenses while on exchange. Students who qualified for work-study cannot utilize that award during the semester abroad.

Students who wish to include the cost of airfare or other extraordinary expenses in the cost of attendance budget for loan application purposes may do so by scheduling an appointment with a financial aid officer.

Financial aid Terms and Conditions

Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

To apply for federal, state, and Howard University student aid programs students must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually to be considered for each academic year. A student has the right to decline all or a portion of any aid offered. By accepting financial aid awards, the student agrees to comply with the terms and conditions listed in the Howard University Terms and Conditions information.

Student Loan Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Conduct for Relationships between Universities in the District of Columbia and Educational Loan Providers

The undersigned universities, in cooperation with the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, voluntarily adopt this Code of Conduct ("Code") regarding appropriate educational lending practices at their institutions. This Code has been amended to conform with the provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1094 et seq. ("HEOA").

Prohibition of Certain Remuneration to University Officers, Employees, and Agents