Jayne Chelsea Bango

Jayne Chelsea Bango is a medical doctor who graduated in 2016 from Chongqing Medical University in China. Born in the Republic of Congo, Chelsea has been volunteering as a general doctor in both public and private sectors, assisting in hospitals in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, and Accra, Ghana. By practicing medicine, she was exposed to the problems facing youth in her community. She realized that youth were not future conscious and were losing hope for a better tomorrow.

Republic of Congo

James Awenati Amugsi

James Awenati Amugsi is an award-winning senior staff nurse at the Builsa District Hospital. He has over five years’ experience in nursing, youth mentorship, and community volunteering. He focuses on patient education, unit management, staff supervision, and nurse prescriber duties. He also volunteers as a diabetes educator and a weekly radio panelist on 'You and Your Health', a health program that he and his colleagues founded in 2011. James is self-motivated and committed to personal and professional development.


Jaleela Hassennally

Jaleela Hassennally is a journalist and radio presenter. As a member of several NGOs, she is an active social worker and involved with various social issues such as bullying, corruption, amphibian and rhinoceros preservation, cancer awareness, and community building. She is also an ambassador of the Special Olympics in Mauritius, advocating for youth athletes and athletes living with intellectual disabilities. Jaleela holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Computer Applications and Higher National Diploma in Business. She is a former boxing champion and beauty pageant titleholder.


Isaac Rutagwenda Rugamba

Isaac Rugamba is a Rwandan civil servant with a keen interest in international development. For the past two years, Isaac has worked on donor coordination in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning’s External Finance Division. Isaac sees his role as looking for innovative ways to finance Rwanda's development agenda, steering Rwanda away from foreign aid and towards self-sustainability. Isaac is also a global shaper with the Kigali Hub, a community that is championing the Visa Free Africa campaign, which aligns with his Pan-African values.


Imelda Livia Suzie Mbock

Imelda Mbock has over two years of experience as a general practitioner focusing on children and women's health and education. Currently, Imelda is head of the family planning unit of the government hospital where she works. Her job comprises designing, initiating, and implementing activities related to women and child health in her locality. Imelda is a medical adviser to the NGO, ONG CASA, which cares for orphans, street children, and the elderly.


Harold Arthur Ulysse Podanho

Harold Podanho has over ten years of experience in public management, especially in public finance and accounting. Currently, Harold is the head of the administration and finance departments of the High Court of Justice. The High Court is concerned with judicial matters related to the President of the Republic and members of the government, such as high treason, contempt towards the National Assembly, attack on honor and probity, conspiracy against state security, and offenses committed during the exercise of government functions.


Gloire Mbaka

Gloire Mbaka Onya has over five years of experience in laboratory settings. The first two years of work experience were in a pharmaceutical laboratory, and he has spent the last two years working in a cement plant. In addition, he has had various internships and educational experiences. Currently, Gloire is a vice president for A.S. Nouvelle Vision, a youth soccer team catering to 58 boys in his area.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Gabriella Gabriel Rwakibarila

Gabriella Rwakibarila is a professional in human resources management and project management with over six years working experience. She spent two of those years in the banking industry as a banker and occupation health and safety champion. Currently, Gabriella is an investigator for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau in Tanzania. She is in the Directorate of Community Education offering education to Tanzanian youth and employees in the public sector on their rights and obligations in fighting corruption in the country.

United Republic of Tanzania

Beza Emanuel

Beza Emanuel is an Angolan Lawyer with over four years of experience in the legal field. Currently, he works as a senior officer at the legal department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Angola. He is responsible for providing legal advice to the ministry on public finances and administration, as well as contributing to the creation of laws and policies that promote efficient and sustainable public resources management. He is also the fire starter of Luanda chapter of The Hookup Dinner, an African community of entrepreneurs engaged in connecting with startup investors.


Azeb Asaminew Alemu

Azeb Asaminew Alemu is a psychiatrist who has more than four years of experience treating patients with mental illness and teaching medical students. Currently, she works as an assistant professor of Psychiatry at Debre Markos University, where she teaches medical students and medical interns with the aim of bridging the mental health service gap in her country. As the only psychiatrist, she leads the psychiatry inpatient and outpatient units of Debre Markos Referral Hospital, which serves 3.5 million people.