Arlene Amy Nea-Dey Barou

Arlene Amy Barou has over five years of experience in the agricultural sector. Currently, Arlene is an agro-economist in charge of seeds research and development at the National Office for Rice Development, focusing on rice self-sufficiency in Côte d'Ivoire. She is also the national coordinator of an FAO-initiated rice farmers' empowerment project, and the ''gender focal point'' in the rice development sector where she advocates for gender equity. Arlene holds a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the National Polytechnic Institute.

Cote d'Ivoire

Anita Oghenekome Benson

Anita Oghenekome Benson has nine years experience as a medical doctor and currently works as a senior dermatology resident in the public sector. Skin lightening is a problem in her community, as women are encouraged to bleach their skin to fit within society’s ideals. She has personally been a victim of the prejudice associated with darker skin tones. 77% of Nigerians have been reported to engage in skin lightening practices, and most are unaware that these practices can predispose them to serious health conditions.


Israel Taye

Israel Taye is young pan-African lawyer from Ethiopia, passionate about African renaissance, youth empowerment, sustainable development, and human rights. He aspires to fast-track youth participation in continental and international development initiatives and has over three years’ experience in various fields in the public management sector, in human rights in particular. Currently, he serves as a legal assistant for the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights under the African Union’s youth volunteer program.


Orphee Tamba

Orphée Tamba Lusakumumu works for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in the monitoring and evaluation unit. Thanks to this, he interacts closely with the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ministry of Public Health to enhance and strengthen the country’s health system. He volunteers through two organizations: Bridge-Initiative (youth unemployment issues, volunteerism and social entrepreneurship) and Jeunesse-pour-Christ (evangelization and youth awareness) and is known for being a motivational speaker to help young people discover, develop, and unleash their potential.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Meera Shah

Meera Mansukhlal Shah has almost eight years’ experience in the public health sector with a special emphasis on strengthening primary health care. She is currently the sub county medical officer of health at one of the sub counties in Mombasa county, where she coordinates all activities related to health, including preparing the annual work plan, overseeing the running of primary care facilities, and programs such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, mother-neonatal-child health, nutrition, and disease surveillance.


Fatu Ogwuche

Fatu Ogwuche has five years’ experience in the public sector and is the new media consultant at the Independent National Electoral Commission where she's instrumental in project management, capacity development, and developing strategies for citizen engagement. Fatu worked with the African Elections Project in the 2012 Ghanaian elections by sharing knowledge of new media tools used during the 2011 Nigerian elections.


Christian Niyongabo

Christian Niyongabo is a dedicated, results driven, professional young Burundian with over four years’ experience in the public sector, capacity building, program management, and public policy. Christian currently works as a consultant-technical advisor for management consulting firm, MESEA (Management and Engineering Services Excellence in Africa) - specifically for the capacity-building project component of the Energy Institutional Reforms of REGIDESO (Burundian National Power and Water Utility).


Franklin Ngochi

Franklin Ngochi has worked for over three years as a Foreign Service Officer at Cameroon’s Foreign Ministry. He currently serves at the department in charge of Cameroon’s relations with European countries and the European Union. He volunteers in the music ministry of his local church and helps young graduates prepare for competitive examinations into Cameroonian civil service schools. Franklin holds a professional Master's in International Relations and a Master's of research in Applied Economics from the University of Yaoundé II.


Fatou Ndiour

Fatou has over a year’s experience in project management and is currently working for PYTOD, the company that created and manages, a website that promotes good governance and government accountability by giving Senegalese people a tool to keep track, and rate, the President’s actions. As the project manager, Fatou is responsible for the reporting, planning, management, coordination, and communication around the project.