Howard University's 2016-17 Chair Leadership Academy will provide you with the resources and training you desire to lead your department effectively and efficiently. The Academy curriculum responds to the results of the 2015 surveys of Howard University chairs and deans, while incorporating best practices from other chair leadership programs and scholarly literature. So join your colleagues for an enlightening and empowering experience!

Throughout the year the Chair Leadership Academy will offer several interactive training sessions led primarily by chairs and former chairs: two one-day retreats off campus and two half-day sessions on campus. These sessions will equip you with the skills for (a) managing departmental resources and operations, (b) developing and managing personnel, (c) shaping a collective departmental vision, (d) cultivating a culture of assessment, and (e) achieving a work-life balance. The sessions will engage you in a variety of activities (e.g., case-based group problem-solving, role-playing, games, interactive polling, Think-Pair-Share brainstorming, and journaling) while providing social occasions to network with other Howard University chairs. In addition, each session will feature a panel of Howard University chairs or former chairs who have successfully addressed the topic of the session. (One panel will also feature Howard University deans or former deans, and another, veteran senior faculty.) Moreover, each session will set aside time for journaling so that you can record your "take-aways" for easy reference afterward. 

To supplement the in-person training, the Academy will give you access to its Chairs' Portal, a "one-stop-shopping" online resource that will give you "anywhere, anytime" access to the information you need: videos, slides, websites, and documents about chairing, including Howard University policies, procedures, forms, templates, and samples. Meanwhile, the Academy's Blackboard Chair Site will enable you to complete enrollment management training and an introduction to employment law online. In addition, the site will offer you the opportunity to post questions in the "Ask a Chair" Discussion Forum at any time. You will also have an opportunity to enroll in hands-on software training online or on campus throughout the year. If you are a soon-to-be chair, a new chair, or just an interested chair, email _____________________________ by __________________ to enroll in the 2016-17 Chair Leadership Academy.