Akouèba Atia Marie-Louise Kponton Quam Dessou

Country of Origin: Togo

Akouèba Atia Marie-Louise Kponton Quam Dessou is the IT Manager of Bank of Africa Togo since August 2013 and is also the National Vice President of Maritime Region in charge of the coordination of...



Alassane Abdoulaye Dia

Country of Origin: Senegal

Alassane Abdoulaye Dia has five years of experience serving as an Assistant English language Instructor for the Université Gaston Berger in Senegal. He served as Secretary General and President of...



Amina Garuba Ahmed

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Amina Garuba Ahmed has seven years of experience working as a public servant in the criminal justice and dispute resolution sector. She currently serves as Senior Magistrate and District Court...



Belinda Wera

Country of Origin: Tanzania

Belinda Wera has over three years of experience working in public relations and marketing with a key focus on regional integration in East Africa.



Bilma Edney Bandeira Mandinga

Country of Origin: Sao Tome & Principe

Bilma Bandeira Mandinga has over six years of experience working in diplomacy and international relations. Currently, she is a Lawyer and Diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation...



Chikulupi Kasaka

Country of Origin: Tanzania

Chikulupi Kasaka is a lawyer working with the Parliament of Tanzania where she analyzes bills and laws, drafts private members motions, and prepares the schedule of amendments.



Chipiliro Liyana Kansilanga

Country of Origin: Malawi

Chipiliro Liyana Kansilanga is a Malawian journalist with an interest in issues related to gender, development, and new media. She has over six years of experience in writing and editing for...