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Azeb Asaminew Alemu is a psychiatrist who has more than four years of experience treating patients with mental illness and teaching medical students. Currently, she works as an assistant professor of Psychiatry at Debre Markos University, where she teaches medical students and medical interns with the aim of bridging the mental health service gap in her country. As the only psychiatrist, she leads the psychiatry inpatient and outpatient units of Debre Markos Referral Hospital, which serves 3.5 million people. She monitors the quality of care provided in her unit by mentoring her team of nurses and has increased the number of staff, beds, and outpatient clinics. At a local radio station, she raises awareness about mental health in the community. She is committed to increasing the accessibility and quality of mental health care to disadvantaged populations in rural areas, with a focus on women and children. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Azeb plans to expand her service by building the capacity of local mental health workers and increasing the involvement of rural community leaders, social workers, psychologists, and legal aid providers. She also plans to conduct mental health research that can have a positive impact on the community.