Sekou Amadou Timbo

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Sekou Amadou Timbo lives his life motto of ‘learn and share’. His urge to help others led him to found and become vice chairperson of Univers Technologies de Bamako, where he focuses on designing and implementing educational programs on their web page, and preparing competitions for students. Currently, he is an online customer advisor for Callme Mali Groupe Chaka (providing direct marketing, advice, outsourcing and telemarketing solutions), where he assists customers online.   Timbo holds a master’s in English from the Faculty of Letters, Languages, and Sciences of Language (FLSL) at the University of Bamako, where he focused on the general teaching and learning of English. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship he plans to advocate for equal rights to education regardless of gender, religion, or belief. He aims, amongst other projects, to design and implement advice programs for students attending college.