Howard University is committed to providing students with educational opportunities free from sexual harassment and discrimination based upon gender, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, or marital status. The University strives to maintain an environment in which all members of the University Community are: (a) judged and rewarded solely on the basis of ability, experience, effort, and performance; and (b) provided conditions for educational and employment pursuits that are free from sexual and gender-based harassment and violence, other forms of interpersonal violence, stalking, and retaliation.

The Title IX Office exists to ensure the University adheres to that commitment.

This includes educating the University Community on the rights and protections that are provided by the law, and ensuring that those rights and protections are provided to all members of the University community who participate in the Title IX process. This also includes directing individuals who are impacted to the support and resources available.

Statement From The Title IX Coordinator

Statement From The President

View Howard University Title IX Policy

The entire University community has the right and is strongly encouraged to contact the Title IX Office if they feel that they or someone they know has been a victim of conduct that violates the Title IX Policy. Responsible Employees (defined on page 14 of the interim policy) have an obligation to report any information regarding possible misconduct.

Resources for the University community to heal and thrive are also available for anyone impacted by these forms of misconduct.