We envision a Howard web environment that is modern, easy to use and navigate, unified in branding, improves business processes, and increases efficiency of the enterprise’s web expenditure.

Web Services at Howard are administered by the Web Development Team of the Division of Development and Alumni Relations.  We offer some direct web services, secondary web support services, as well as maintain guidelines and standards for Howard University websites.  If you have general questions or would like to make a request, you can do so through our inquiry webform.  We ask that you review the guidelines and services webpages before doing so. 

Health Science and Hospital Websites: Web Services at Howard does not maintain sites and web systems of Howard's hospital and Health Science offices, schools, and departments.  This is handled by a separate team.  For web inquiries related to these entities, please email ticket@digital.healthsciences.howard.edu

For other University related technology needs and concerns, contact Enterprise Technology Services.

To achive our vision (above), we are administering an enterprise-wide content migration project.  Learn more here.