This project is a mandate of Howard's Office of the President.

General Information

Project Definition: To migrate Howard websites into a unified and modern web system.

Vision: Howard’s web environment is modern, easy to use and navigate, unified in branding, improves business processes, and increases efficiency of the enterprise’s web expenditure

Start Date: Jan, 2015

Timeline: Ongoing

Project Sponsor: Web Services at Howard



  1. New sites are easily aesthetically identified as being a part of Howard University.
  2. New sites are dynamic.
  3. Web infrastructure and systems of new environment are shared, integrated and congruent in order to facilitate maintenance across new sites.
  4. Move all content and sites off of the old university servers and into new web environment.
  5. Optimize user experience of new sites
  6. Optimize new site infrastructure
  7. Consolidate resources to increase efficiency


Project Status

Special Projects

Sites Migrated

New Sites & Web Applications

Sites in Development

  • School of Social Work
  • Office of Assessment
  • People Profile
  • Student Financial Services
  • Office of Career Services
  • Office of Procurement
  • Walters Center

Other Howard Sites Launched Since Start of Project