Belinda Wera

Belinda Wera has over three years of experience working in public relations and marketing with a key focus on regional integration in East Africa. Currently, Belinda is a Program Assistant in the Corporate Communication and Public Affairs department in the East African Community where she ensures that programs, projects, and activities run smoothly so that the people of East Africa are informed about the integration.


Fatoumata Sylla

Fatoumata Sylla currently serves as Director General in the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles. She previously worked for the Department of Youth serving as the Senior Policy Analyst and later as the Director General of Youth Affairs. In this capacity, she made recommendations to the government on issues related to youth development, implemented youth programs in line with national policies, and fostered relationships with international youth bodies. Fatoumata firmly believes in youth empowerment and the power of leading by example.


Fransina Kondjashili Shivute

Fransina Shivute has nine years of experience teaching and has been active as a volunteer and coach, involved in science fair and science projects, served in leadership positions as the head of the Natural Science department and chairperson of the girls’ soccer team. Fransina has a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Namibia and is studying for her master’s degree in  Environmental Science and Management from the University of London.


Raphael Kumwenda

Raphael Kumwenda is a broadcaster with more than 10 years’ experience, with a focus on producing developmental programs. He currently works for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation  as a producer, with responsibilities including program development and production for radio and television. One of his weekly programs, “Government Forum” seeks to enlist responses from Government ministers on various public concerns.


Akouèba Atia Marie-Louise Kponton Quam Dessou

Akouèba Atia Marie-Louise Kponton Quam Dessou is the IT Manager of Bank of Africa Togo since August 2013 and is also the National Vice President of Maritime Region in charge of the coordination of the activities of five local chapters of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Togo. During the past four years, she served as General Secretary in 2010, Vice President in charge of projects and international affairs in 2011, Executive Vice President in charge of the coordination of the whole activities in 2012 and I had the great honor to serve as Chapter President in 2013.


Percy Koji

Percy Koji is active in the field of education and working with youth. As part of this work, he has set out to build a community library in his birthplace of Taung. He believes that education is the key for people to escape poverty and hopes to raise more funds to complete this library project soon. Percy is the current Chairperson of the Youth Council in Johannesburg where he is responsible for creating the committee’s economics and finance portfolio.

South Africa

Tchegoun Adebo Koba

Tchegoun Koba is a young professional with over five years of experience working in economics development, public policy and youth development issues. Currently, Tchegoun is an Associate Technical Expert on child labor and youth employment for the International Labour Organization for West Africa where he focuses on child labor elimination in West and East African countries.


Kinga Nadege Koulouar

Kinga Nadege Koulouar has over three years of experience in public governance. She currently serves as a SIGASPE Controller for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Tourist Development where she prepares and oversees the human resource and salary management systems. Prior to this position, Kinga was a Program Assistant for the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA), where she supported the facilitation of inter-party dialogue processes among youth leaders in West Africa.


Chikulupi Kasaka

Chikulupi Kasaka is a lawyer working with the Parliament of Tanzania where she analyzes bills and laws, drafts private members motions, and prepares the schedule of amendments. She has been active in several committees and organizations including serving as Chairperson of Ruling Party Youth league –UVCCM, Vice President of East African Community Students Union-EACSU, Member of Parliament for Dar es Salaam University Student Government-DARUSO, and Publicity Officer of the University of Dar es Salaam Human Rights Association-UDHRA.


Chipiliro Liyana Kansilanga

Chipiliro Liyana Kansilanga is a Malawian journalist with an interest in issues related to gender, development, and new media. She has over six years of experience in writing and editing for online and print media and has held various positions in some of Malawi's forefront publications. Currently, Chipiliro is the Online Editor for Blantyre Newspapers Limited, where she champions new media projects. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Media Management and a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, both attained with upper credits.