Emmanuel Chisalu

Emmanuel Chisalu has three years of community development sector experience and two years of experience in the public sector specifically focusing on Value for Money Audits. Currently, Emmanuel is a Performance and Environmental Auditor at the Supreme Audit Institution of Zambia, Office of the Auditor General. He focuses on promoting accountability, good governance, and transparency by conducting performance and environmental audits so as to assist those charged with governance and oversight responsibilities improve institutional performance and governance of public resources.

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Elsie Sidy

Elsie Sidy has over five years' experience in youth empowerment and rendering services to less fortunate children. Currently, Elsie is mentoring and teaching community children that are out of school. Elsie holds a B.A. in Sociology from the Cuttington University. Driven by her passion to educate and empower youth, she hopes that in the future, her country and all of Africa will be filled with more literate and empowered youth and as well as secured orphans.

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Caillin Basson

Caillin Basson is a recent graduate of the University of Namibia Law School, where she completed her honors degree. She has always been drawn to working in politics, as she is a proud Namibian who plans to continue efforts to grow the still developing country of Namibia. Having worked for several years in the film industry, where she has helped to promote tourism from foreign countries to her home country, she plans to take that knowledge and utilize her law degree to one day work in foreign affairs and help further grow the nation she knows and loves.

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Bintu Jabbie

Bintu Jabbie has over two years of experience in the Health System Strengthening Sector, focusing on quality care and building capacity of health care workers. Currently, Bintu Jabbie is a Quality Improvement Officer at ICAP at Columbia University in Sierra Leone. Bintu holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honors division 1 in Nursing from the University of Sierra Leone. She is the leader of a small group called Let Girls Be Heard where issues related to health and STIs are addressed.

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Betseto Bobeto

Bertrand Betseto Bobeto has a strong interest in communication and culture and is committed to the preservation of the Dowayo culture and its mother tongue, Doyaayo. This commitment moved him to be the Communication Secretary of the Ajesdo, an association for the promotion of the Dowayo culture, for the past three years. He was also appointed Editor-in-Chief of the communication committee of his local church, where he led a team of over 25 reporters.

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Angela Ameso

Angela Ameso has ambitions to work as a human rights activist for an international organization for gender equality, education, and public health. She has over three years? experience in community development, focusing on education. She is the co-founder of the Kitabu-Buk Project, an NGO focused on initiating, designing and implementing activities for the neediest children in the community. Currently, Angela is a Global Youth Ambassador for A World at School, a UN initiative launched by the then UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and UN Special Envoy for Global Education.

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Ahmad Mmadi

Ahmad is an economist at the Malawian Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare and co-founder of the award-winning Majuni Safe Water Project. He coordinates the formulation of the Ministry's programs, policies and budgets. Ahmad is also the Ministry's Sustainable Development Goals Champion and a member of Malawi Decent Work Program II technical drafting team. In addition, Ahmad inspires youth across Malawi to meaningfully get involved in public policy formulation and entrepreneurship through YALI and Youth to Youth Empowerment Networks.

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Adella Msoffe

Adella January Msoffe holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and a postgraduate diploma in Legal Practice. Currently, Adella is a volunteer under the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner's office, where she is stationed in Kigamboni District to provide legal aid services solely on land, matrimonial, inheritance and employment matters. Adella is passionate about the development of the community, especially the social welfare and development of women and children.

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Abayomi Akinbo

Abayomi Akinbo has over three years’ experience in budget transparency advocacy and citizen engagement. Currently, Abayomi is a Project Manager for BudgIT where he focuses on budget access and governance policy, ensuring citizens understand government expenditure. Abayomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Abayomi is a 2016 Carrington Youth Fellow where he volunteered on good governance advocacy. Upon return from the MWF, he plans to continue to ensure civic participation in budget process and governance.


Abayomi AkinboNigeriaNigeria