Franklin Ngochi

Franklin Ngochi has worked for over three years as a Foreign Service Officer at Cameroon’s Foreign Ministry. He currently serves at the department in charge of Cameroon’s relations with European countries and the European Union. He volunteers in the music ministry of his local church and helps young graduates prepare for competitive examinations into Cameroonian civil service schools. Franklin holds a professional Master's in International Relations and a Master's of research in Applied Economics from the University of Yaoundé II.


Fatou Ndiour

Fatou has over a year’s experience in project management and is currently working for PYTOD, the company that created and manages, a website that promotes good governance and government accountability by giving Senegalese people a tool to keep track, and rate, the President’s actions. As the project manager, Fatou is responsible for the reporting, planning, management, coordination, and communication around the project.


Kennedy Mwikya

Kennedy Mwikya has close to four years’ experience in macroeconomic policy advocacy and LGBTIQ rights activism in Kenya. Currently, he is an organizer for the Kenya Tax Justice Initiative (K4TJ), where he focuses on advocacy and lobbying efforts to remodel the country’s tax policy to favor economically marginalized groups. He volunteers at the Mayibuye Collective, Africa-wide advocacy groups working on LGBTIQ rights in the continent. Kennedy is in his final year of law school at Kenyatta University in Nairobi.


Jean Felix Mwema

Jean Felix Mwema has over six years’ experience in various fields including youth capacity-building, civic engagement, social work, peace-building, intercultural dialogue, and volunteerism. Currently, he is a consultant and training facilitator for several organizations and particularly for the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Kinshasa where he focuses on strengthening capacities of political party actors.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Tunu Mleli

Tunu Mleli has seven years’ experience in public relations with a strong background in international Relations. Currently, Tunu is a protocol and public relations officer for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) where she manages communication and promotes community education in corruption matters. She also handles official visits and organizing official events.


Tudeutso Madi

Tuduetso Madi is currently working as an administration officer for the Department of Curriculum Development and Evaluation Ministry of Education and Skills Development, and has been responsible for their many human resources and administrative functions since 2012. She was appointed Youth AIDS Focal person for the Month of Youth Against AIDS in 2015 and is on their Poverty Eradication and Community Service Committee. She is a mentor at Bona Naledi, a community development project that seeks to inspire, educate, and empower young people.


Setloke Lekhela

Setloke Lekhela has close to ten years’ experience in various fields of the community development sector, volunteering with youth initiatives and for solar cooker projects that assist guardians looking after orphans as a result of the high rate of HIV&AIDS in Lesotho. Setloke holds an associate degree in Events Management from Limkokwing University of Creative technology and is currently working in a junior position as camera operator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations.


Nangamso Koza

Nangamso has over six years’ experience in youth, educational, and community development. She was born in Hewu in the Eastern Cape and single-handedly established Inqubela Foundation, an education-focused charitable trust that develops schools in developing communities into leading centers of academic excellence and leadership development. Since its inception, the foundation has served over 2,000 learners and over 28 schools and offers one-of-a-kind leadership and literacy development programs.

Nangamso Koza

Habib Kourouma

Habib Kourouma has over seven years’ experience in various fields in the community development sector, and community health management in particular. He is currently a district medical officer in Forecariah, working with the community to tackle the Ebola virus in the health district of Forecariah, and also working with the community to improve their health condition through projects that address health equity. He was an international consultant on behalf of WHO and CDC in Burkina Faso, to ensure the technical support in vaccine preventable diseases. He also volunteers for UNICEF.


Aafke Kinemo

Aafke Kinemo (MBChB) has a year’s experience working in the Ministry of Health as an assistant coordinator for key populations at the National AIDS Control Program. She coordinates trainings for health care providers in the provision of key population-friendly services, and coordinates HIV preventive care and treatment services for key populations. She also mentors the youth in her community and is an instigator advocating for quality education.