Laura Targbeh

Laura Targbeh has over two years of experience in the nonprofit sector, specifically focusing on education, mentoring girls, and youth empowerment. Laura is the founder and Executive Director for Keen Innovations that Develop Life (KINDLE) Liberia Inc., where she focuses on designing and implementing educational and charitable activities for the organization. Laura is pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in General biology from the University of Liberia.

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Israel Bimpe

Israel Bimpe is early in his career in the field of global health. Currently, Israel is President of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), representing more than 350,000 pharmacy students and recent graduates in over 80 countries worldwide, where he leads IPSF to be the leading international advocacy organization of pharmacy students promoting improved public health through provision of information, education, networking, and a range of publication and professional activities. Israel holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

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Jaran Ag Mossa

With degrees in English and Human Resources Management obtained in Algeria, Jaran Ag Mossa is a young leader working in the sectors of Health and Education. He started an NGO called Sahara Sante back in 2006 with a group of medical studies graduates. This NGO works on helping people in far places in the desert. Jaran's primary goal is to help his community by improving access to quality education and health care for all.

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Helina Teka

Helina Stiphanos Teka is an aspiring legal researcher from Ethiopia. She is currently interning at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), where she supports the assessment of reports on the status of domestication of International Humanitarian Law instruments in Ethiopia. Helina is a 2016 graduate of Addis Ababa University, College of Law and Governance Studies and holds Bachelor of Laws, focusing on Public Laws.

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Gerson Mario

Gerson Mario is a lawyer with four years of experience. He served as legal adviser on technology matters for the Ministry of Science and Technology of Angola. Currently, Gerson is a special contributor providing legal support to UniNet, the institution managing the Angola Domain Name System (DNS.AO), and the representative body of the government at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Gerson served as main Speaker, advocating technological independence to safeguard the sovereignty of Angola.

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Francine Ndong

Francine Ndong is a strategy consultant working at Dalberg, an international advisory firm focused on development. She has worked on several projects for governments, foundations, and NGOs to develop inclusive growth strategies and conduct data-driven analysis. Francine holds a master's degree in Business, Administration, and Finance. Her daily tasks include coordinating and managing a project that aims to create a space in which women become financially empowered and included, both as recipients of funding and as investors.

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Fillemon Shikomba

Fillemon Shikomba has over three years? experience in the education sector. He focuses on helping orphans at rural schools, providing education to special needs students, and gathering funds to buy solar panels to help electrify rural schools. Currently, Fillemon works for the SWAPO Youth League at the district level and is a volunteer at the Namibia Red Cross Society. He is also currently establishing his own NGO. Fillemon holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Tambov State University of Russia.

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Eulalia Awora

Eulalia Awora has over five years' experience in the community development sector, specifically focusing on literacy. She currently is the Project Director for the Center for Adult Learning and Alternative Education, a project of the Jitihada Kenya community- based organization. Here, she focuses on designing, initiating, and implementing alternative learning programs in a bid to bridge literacy gaps in Kisumu, Kenya. Eulalia is driven by the strong belief that sustainability can be achieved.

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Emmanuel Chisalu

Emmanuel Chisalu has three years of community development sector experience and two years of experience in the public sector specifically focusing on Value for Money Audits. Currently, Emmanuel is a Performance and Environmental Auditor at the Supreme Audit Institution of Zambia, Office of the Auditor General. He focuses on promoting accountability, good governance, and transparency by conducting performance and environmental audits so as to assist those charged with governance and oversight responsibilities improve institutional performance and governance of public resources.

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Elsie Sidy

Elsie Sidy has over five years' experience in youth empowerment and rendering services to less fortunate children. Currently, Elsie is mentoring and teaching community children that are out of school. Elsie holds a B.A. in Sociology from the Cuttington University. Driven by her passion to educate and empower youth, she hopes that in the future, her country and all of Africa will be filled with more literate and empowered youth and as well as secured orphans.

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